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How To Choosing A Wig Colour Right For Your Skin Tone

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BeitragVerfasst am: 10.06.2019, 03:38    Titel: How To Choosing A Wig Colour Right For Your Skin Tone

For every wig wearer, finding an ideal wig that matches your natural hair colour isn’t as easy as it seems. Sometimes all you want is to find something unique and you may have to consider looking for a colour beyond your usual tone, right?

Finding a Lace Wigs that compliments your looks helps you achieve the right appearances that bring back your confidence. Understanding whether you have a warm or cool skin complexion is key to knowing your skin tone – and this is very important.

At times it can be hard for you to know your skin tone. Try a few tests to know your exact tone.
For best results, find a Lace Front Wigs that is close to your current hair colour. This saves you from hassles of costly salon hair dye job that you had not budgeted for. Again, it helps boost your confidence.

To know if you have a cool skin tone, remove your makeups and put a white towel around your face. If you realise that your undertones are blue and by looking closely at your wrist you see blue tints, this shows that you have a cool tone.

Full Lace Wigs in blondes, browns, and blacks with wheat, ash, honey or taupe highlights are a perfect choice for you. When worn along with gold or ivory jewellery, along with tan clothing, the results are just amazing. Bright white or black clothing worn along with silver jewellery makes a cool skin tone woman look at her best.

And When Age Catches Up With Us, We Can Try Something Different!
It is great to appreciate every stage in life. When we grow older, our skin tone tends to slowly fade and what seemed perfect during our youthful days may not be flattering as we get older.

Here, Your Eyes Too Count!
For ladies with green, hazel, golden brown or light blue eye colour, finding golden brown, dark, chestnut or auburn wigs with red highlights is a brilliant idea. And for ladies with dark hazel, dark brown, deep blue or blue-grey eye color, ladies wigs with more natural colours like blonde, black or brown tones can be a perfect choice

Looking for something new?
If you think of choosing a colour that is two or more shades darker or lighter than your natural hair colour, you ought to do it carefully. It is advisable you change the colour gradually and give yourself space to tell if it’s going to work for you.

Other factors like personality and health status matter as well when finding an ideal ladies wig for you. Women going through chemo may have their skin tone fading as well as changes in your natural hair look. Finding a wig close to your current look is important.

WestKiss Website:https://www.westkiss.com/
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